NOV 8, 2004 - 10:11 PM
7 LBS, 4 OZ - 19" LONG
Not as good quality, but an OK one as well.
I like the angle of this one.  Audrey looks a little bit suprised, but that's ok.
I don't really love this one, but Laura does, so on the web it goes.
Although not originally slated as an artsy picture, we like the way this one turned out.  Plus, Audrey looks a lot like a Conover in this picture, which Laura likes.
This is a picture we took for my Mom.  It was originally in color with a red shirt, but we liked the way it turned out in black and white.
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Here's the first of the artsy pictures.  We'll have more in the coming days/weeks depending on energy
levels in our house, on both sides of the camera...