FEB-MAR 2005
Audrey sitting in Grandpa's lap, learning how to play Euchre at the same age her Daddy did. (So I've been told).
Jenn's kids.  We played a game where the kids had to stick the foreheads on the ground and hold them that way.  That was the end of the game, but they didn't know it, and I wanted to see how long they would stay that way before realizing the game was over...  What a mean uncle I am.
All of the cousins on my side of the family.  Audrey is happy in this picture.
Kristin and Audrey together.  Laura gets the prize for best picture of the evening.  Now there are TWO most beautiful granddaughters on my side.
Travis with Audrey.  Daniel also posed for some pictures with Audrey, but those really didn't turn out too well.
The Audj-meister with her Uncle Drew-meister and Aunt Crystalyn-meister.
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First Stop, Colorado Springs to see my family.  Most of the pictures on the following two pages will be
Audrey with various permutations of relatives, but that's the whole reason we took the trip now, isn't it?