NOV 8, 2004 - 10:11 PM
7 LBS, 4 OZ - 19" LONG
FIRST MONTH OR SO                                                                                                           
In honor of Audrey's first day of church, we took some pictures of her in front of the Christmas tree in her pretty dress.
Here we are all set for Christmas.  Only three more weeks!
This is Audrey with her bling bling.  I bought this for her before we even had positive ultrasound pictures...  just a hunch that she was a she.  It's a little big still.  Fits better around her forearm.
The lighting was not perfect in front of the tree, so the pictures turned out a little bit dark.  Oh well.
Before we fed her, Audrey was not happy getting her picture taken by the Christmas tree. We think an appropriate caption for this one is
Besides the fact that I look like a tub of lard in this picture, you can tell that Audrey really got my coloring.  We look like we have almost exactly the same skin tone.
These are the shirts that my friend Weston got us as a baby shower gift.  We wore them for the first time today.  In case you can't read them, mine says
Audrey sleeping in our bed on Thanksgiving.  She's developed a bit of baby acne, but it seems to be getting better...
Another one of her sleeping on Thanksgiving.  Of course, she's refusing to go to bed as I write this.  One can never win.
Audrey has a crease at the top of her nose, so that when she scrunches her face, it looks like a single line from one edge of her eye to the other.  Not a great picture of it, but you get the point.
Me holding the baby.
Laura holding the baby.
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