NOV 8, 2004 - 10:11 PM
7 LBS, 4 OZ - 19" LONG
FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS OLD                                                                                       
Audrey all decked out to swim, including hat, sunglasses, and her swimsuit.  A lot of gear for fifteen minutes in the pool.
Finally in the pool.  She even went under a couple of times.  Hopefully she'll bee a fish like her Daddy.
Sitting on the side of the pool, getting used to the water...
Laura lying on the floor with Audrey.
Daddy on the floor with Audrey.  Notice how good she's pushing up on her arms now.
Audrey getting ready to eat her first solid food.  Notice how she's discovered her feet now.
Audrey really excited for rice cereal.  I snapped this one during the prayer...  :)
Audrey trying her first bite of rice cereal.
Audrey wasn't so sure about her first bite.  After a couple, she got used to the idea, and even cried when we stopped feeding her.
Audrey's trying to roll over.  On her back she will arch her back, reach her head back, and get on her side...  She just needs to swing her hips over and she'll get it.  Also in the picture is Liesl who has also grown up a lot.  She's six months old now.
Daddy made some big cookies for the missionaries, but we had to put Audrey next to them to get some perspective as to just how big they were.  She tried to eat them.  Not yet, baby, not yet.
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This page celebrates a lot of firsts....first trip to the swimming pool, first time eating solid food, and the
first time Daddy made a batch of cookies the size of dinner plates...