NOV 8, 2004 - 10:11 PM
7 LBS, 4 OZ - 19" LONG
HALLOWEEN ET AL                                                                                                                
Audrey in her chicken suit.  She sure is a cutie.
Looking happy looking like a chicken.
Audrey with her friend Elijah...  I guess great minds think alike!
We decorated our trunk to look like a barn, Laura did her mom proud by drawing and making the animals herself, and then Laura and I were Young McDonald and wife.  A pretty good thematic experience, I think.
Before church on Sunday.  She was just looking cute.
Audrey in her chair.  She loves this chair, and wo be unto the little kid who comes over and tries to sit in it.
Hanging upside down from the couch.  It seems to me that Laura also has some pictures like this, too.
An updated daddy daughter shot.
Updated Mommy Daughter.  I think my ladies are so beautiful.
AUDREY INDEX                                                                                                                       
For Halloween this year, Audrey got to be a chicken.  She liked being a chicken, and at the church
Halloween party, she even won the "Cutest Little Thing" prize!  She will definitely go down in history for
that one.  We took a short video clip of her in her outfit.  I like to call it "
Chicken Run."  Be careful, though,
because it is sideways....  Turns out you can rotate pictures, but you can't rotate the video clips.  Just
turn your head....  or your monitor....  whichever one is easier...