NOV 8, 2004 - 10:11 PM
7 LBS, 4 OZ - 19" LONG
MID JANUARY                                                                                                                 
If you chance to meet a frown...
Do not let it stay...
Quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away!
Getting a manicure in preparation for her baby blessing...  Hope she doesn't get used to this kind of treatment!
Our family after Audrey's blessing, January 16, 2005.
Little photo shoot in front of the Christmas tree.  Audrey wasn't too happy. This is the cas shot.
This is Laura and Audrey by the Christmas tree.  The picture was a bit dark.  It really does look better in black and white.
This is the formal picture of our family in front of the Christmas tree.  Did I mention that Audrey wasn't too happy that day?
Like I said, she's turned into a thumbsucker!  The funny part is the way she hooks her index finger over her nose.  The red spot is a mosquito bite, poor thing.
And finally, a shot of our midwife, Deborah Gustafson, who made Laura's birthing experience exactly what she wanted.
AUDREY INDEX                                                                                                                       
So, I just thought I'd put more pictures on, because I hadn't really done it in awhile.  I just think that my
baby is the cutest little girl in the world, and I want everyone else to see how cute she is, too!!!