NOV 8, 2004 - 10:11 PM
7 LBS, 4 OZ - 19" LONG
MOVING BACK TO THE STATES                                                                                         
This was taken outside the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.  We got to have a picnic outside and it was a little bit nippy and wonderful!!!  I loved it, and Audrey looks like she loved it a lot.
Although Audj didn't get real Krispy Kreme's, she got to eat Cheerios...  They have a hole, right?
Audrey really liked climbing around underneath the tables at both sets of Grandparent's homes.  Why? We don't know, but she liked it.
We had fun in the swings one time. A new experience for Audrey because they had the diaper swings.
Another one of Audrey swinging. This time, she was actually in motion swinging back and forth.
She loved the rocking horse. It sang a little song, and I thought it somewhat depressing that I could sing the entire song at the end of our stay.
I like this one because Audj looks shifty, like she just held up a stage coach or something.
In the neighbor's pool. Audj loves splashing in the water, and this picture caught droplets.
Prune feet after being the water much to long.
At the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. This was a tuna. I liked the motion in this shot, though unintended.
Audrey and daddy looking at the jellyfish. They were really cool.
Audrey happy at the Salt Lake Temple on the way to Colorado.
Audrey looking confused? angry? like she just ate a lemon?
AUDREY INDEX                                                                                                                       
This move has been one of the most drawn out affairs of my entire life.  We left Manila, and after six full
weeks of mooching off our parents, we finally arrived in DC.  Because it was such a long trip, we had
plenty of time to take
a lot of pictures.  In order to organize pages, I decided to keep this page strictly
Audrey oriented.  To see other pictures of our travels, you can look under
travel and rypics.  The biggest
news of the trip, however, is that Audrey is now a two legged beast.  To see a video of some of her first
steps, click