NOV 8, 2004 - 10:11 PM
7 LBS, 4 OZ - 19" LONG
ONE LAST PAGE BEFORE PACKOUT                                                                                 
Although she was ornery, we managed a quick smile...
Audrey crawling all over the place...  It's hard to keep up!
More resolution you can see the tear.  Poor baby.
She stood up for the first time in her pack n' play today. Probably because she really didn't want to be in it!
I really like this one.  It turned out nice.
She likes this ribbon.  She likes to eat this ribbon.
AUDREY INDEX                                                                                                                       
Even though we're packing out in a couple of days, I borrowed a friend's camera and wanted to put the
pictures on before I didn't have a computer anymore.  Hope you like them.  They're really just more of the
same. Audrey got her measles shot yesterday, so she hasn't been too happy today as the pictures attest.