15 Months Can You Believe It?                                                                                             
When Audrey gives us kisses, she's very vocal, she starts by saying uuuuhhhhh as she approaches and then ending with a loud BUH when she actually kisses us.
Laura helped me get a good smile by tickling Audrey at the appropriate time.
Had our first real snowstorm today.  Audrey got really excited when the snow would fall and she could watch it out the window.
Just another pic of Audrey looking cute.
Just another example of our halohalo baby.  Audrey has my color eyes, but the shape of Laura's.
Here we have the head palm tree.  There really ain't much you can do with toddler hair.
Like I said, finally able to put stuff in her hair, although she usually doesn't let us keep it in for very long.  These two pictures are the exception.
Laura caught Audrey just sitting and reading a book on a Sunday morning.  Nice quit activity.
Her hair really is long, but her hair pattern is kind of weird.  The longest parts are right down the middle of her head like a mohawk.
My friend took some really cool pictures of his kid in the supermarket.  I tried to follow suit, but as soon as I took out the camera, she started crying, so all I got was this...
AUDREY INDEX                                                                                                                       
15 Months Old.  Her hair is finally long enough to stick into rubber bands, which has been quite fun.  She's just getting more
and more beautiful every day.  Not a lot of
events been happening around here, but here's some cute pictures anyway.  She
has, however, learned all the motions to Popcorn Popping.  The video is
here, but beware, it's about 2MB.  Well worth the
download, however!