Somewhere between 15 and a half and 16 months...                                                         
She loves her little chair.  She'd sit here all day if she could.  She really would, too.
We had to wake her up in order to get her ready for church.  She still wasn't quite awake by the time we were ready to leave, but that was OK, it gave mom and baby a bit of snuggle time...
Audrey's first chore.  After changing her diaper, she has to put her wipes back on the dresser.  She's pretty good at it.
At the Baltimore Aquarium.  She loved it.  She kept watching the fishes and having a great time.
She never stays inside the bars.  Makes us hesitate putting her in a a big kid bed.
Stills from the popcorn popping video.
Climbing her high chair.  Girl is getting too big, too fast.
Just a shot of Audrey outside that Laura took.  I just like it, that's all.
Audrey's ladybug necklace.  She likes to look at it in the mirror, and when she does, she always says cuuuute.  In her chair again, by the way...
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Just a hodgepodge of pictures, really, but I like them.  Of course, they're of my pretty baby girl, so who wouldn't like them?  
And if you don't like them, you better not ever let me hear it.  I may have to beat you up...  :)