MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT STUDIO LIGHTS/AUDREY 18 MONTHS                                                        
I think this is my favorite from the shoot.  I don't really like pink, but our little girl looks so beautiful in it.
We caught a good smile, but like most of these, it would have been better had she been facing the light.
Funny look.  I like it.  Kind of an oh-no-you-don't look.
Although the left side is somewhat overexposed, I like it a lot.  Don't know if I like the finger in the mouth, but you can't do much about that.
Don't know what she's doing with her hand, but I like the expression.
Laura actually took this one.  I blew the bubbles.  If you notice, the bubbles have two reflections of the single light.  One on the near side of the bubble and the other on the far side.
Audrey on the lego box.  This one is sad because its really cute, but really washed out.
I used Audrey's Trevor bear to take some test shots.  He looks so sad in this picture.
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AUDREY INDEX                                                                                                                       
Joy of joys, I finally got my studio lights!  We decided after yet another unsuccessful photo shoot with a chain company (to be
unnamed at least on this page), that we would do better taking the pictures ourselves, and in the long run, probably save a lot
of money.  So, the lights came yesterday, and I started shooting away today.  The problem?  I don't really know how to use
these lights.  The pictures turned out somewhat overexposed (even after making some compensation in photoshop!) and I
wasn't very good about working with the light.  Audrey's facing away from it in most pictures, in fact.  BUT, I do think it's a good
beginning, and I think that as time goes on, I can only hope to improve!

By the way, don't let the colors alarm you.  I just thought that the gray background would be more suitable for these pictures,
and I was also going to link to this page from a few spots on the web page.  Future pages will return to normal, I promise.