AUDREY TURNS TWO!!                                                                                                          
AUDREY INDEX                                                                                                                       
So, we can hardly believe that our little girl is already two years old!  Time sure flies around these parts!  I think she had a
really good birthday.  On her birthday, we ate some of her favorite foods, and she opened up a couple of presents, including
a Dora the Explorer backpack.  We also made her some cupcakes (which are featured in the cake eating pictures). Then, a
couple of days later, her and one of her little friends, Kiara (who also had a birthday recently) had a joint birthday party with
all of their friends.  It was a grand party, the kids ran around for a couple of hours and the parents got to talk.  It was fun.  
Laura, of course, did the cake.  I think it was one of her best cakes ever.  She was even very proud of it, which is highly
unusual, she's usually her biggest critic.  Most of the pictures I took were portraits of the kids.  We did have quite a crowd.  
Laura told me that next time I need to take more wide angle shots.  Oh, well.  I got lots of pics of Audrey, so I don't really care
about the rest!
smoothie for breakfast.  Yum!
In her party hat.
Wanting the party hat off.
More kids playing with play-doh.
Audrey pulling at a ribbon.
Concentrating on squishing.
Coloring Dora pictures.
The cake.  Laura did a great job!
Moms blowing out the candles because the kids were too scared or shy or something.
The streamers formed a cool shadow array.
Bonus pic!  The green bathwater.  That's what we get for living close to Chernobyl!
carefully unwrapping
A backpack!
Wow!  Look what I got!
Looking like she's off for her first day of school!
Show me your muscles!
so happy to eat yummy yummy cake!
playing with the crumbs.  She did eat the frosting off the top, though.
Cleaner than last year, but not by much!
Another bonus!  Audj on Halloween.