CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE                                                                                                    
Audrey continues to love to climb into things.  Weird girl.
At the Astle's for Christmas Eve.  I just like her expression in this one.
Her hair CURLED in the humidity.  This is the best shot we have of it.
Just a nice little picture of baby and daddy.
Audrey likes putting things on her head.  This was my stocking.
And this was the ice cream bucket.  She couldn't see where she was going, but she liked having it on her head!
She helped Uncle Glen rearrange the stereo system so that she could push the buttons.
I like this picture, although I kind of think she looks like a panda bear chewing on her bamboo...
Trying sand for the first time.  She didn't love it.  I'm happy she didn't love it.
Now she's a bit happier.  Overall, I think it was a fairly successful first trip to the ocean.
Feet in the sand.  She scooped up sand with a piece of seaweek and dumped it on her leg.  She's such a smart girl!
Audrey is climbing all over the place (she even walks up stair now!) and figured out she could get into the contents of the fridge by simply climbing in!
Full body shot of the same.
Getting ready to leave on her 18th plane flight.  She's so excited!  Although, the plane in the background wasn't ours.  I wish it was, though, that one was going to Hawaii.
Pooped out.  I really like this picture, can you tell?  It made my web page in three separate locations!
AUDREY INDEX                                                                                                                       
Wow.  Another trip come and gone.  Since we've been married (almost four years, can you believe it?) we haven't spent
Christmas with Laura's family.  Well, this year was the year.  So we packed everything up and took off for California.  It was a
good little trip.  Audrey weathered the flights well (and brought her total number of flights to 19!), and everyone enjoyed
being and Grandma and Grandpa's house. More pics with similar themes can be found on the
travel page.