PLAYING IN THE PARK                                                                                                          
AUDREY INDEX                                                                                                                       
Audrey loves to play in the park.  She likes mostly to scoop sand into a cup or a bucket and then dump it out.  She also
really enjoys sliding down the slide and swinging on swings.  Just the other day, we were at our little neighborhood park, and
Audrey climbed to the top of the slide.  Then, instead of waiting for me to hold her hand so she could go down it, she just sat
down and slid down all by herself.  Sniff.  My baby's growing up so fast...  The top pictures were taken at Shevchenko Park,
a really nice park with a big play area for kids, and a bunch of tables for the
old men to play chess on.  The bottom three
were ataken in a little neighborhood park a few blocks away from our house.  The slide you see is the one she went down all
by herself.