AUDREY TURNS ONE                                                                                                             
Just Audrey
Looking out over the Shenendoah (sp?) valley
With her grandma
With all of her cousins.  Unfortunately, this was the best shot I got!
A long way to go up the stairs...  She learned how to scoot backwards down the stairs, though which was definitely a happy day.
One of her favorite games lately is to sit in the drawers of the TV cabinet...  Silly girl!
Audrey's bedhead.  Poor girl!
AUDREY INDEX                                                                                                                       
Well, we made it home for Thanksgiving.  Kind of sad as we realized that we're not going back to Colorado for at least
another year and half.  We liked CO, though.  We had fun there.  Anyway, below are just a couple of Thanksgiving pictures.  
I took some pictures of Audrey's cousins.  You can see my favorites on my
Portraits Page.