TAKEN OCTOBER 26-27, 2004
Especially because we're living so far away from our family, and
the fact that this is our first child, we wanted to take some
pictures showing off Laura's belly.  The pictures of us in the white
shirts were taken by our good friend Chad Hill.  You can find
more of his pictures at www.jetsetset.net.
People keep telling Laura that she doesn't look 8 1/2 months
pregnant.  She's feeling it though.  We're pretty ready to have
this baby, I think, although my sister says that no one can be
ready to have a baby...
The night before the shoot,
Laura and I decided to take
some pictures of our own using
just a bare bulb as a light
source.  That's why they're so
dark.  The others were taken
with natural light.
Halfway through the shoot we
turned to eachother and
thought, I can't believe we're
taking pictures of ourselves in
turtleneck sweaters when it's
85 degrees outside!!