Yep, that's right folks.  Laura is pregnant with our second child!  I'm just impressed that I could actually keep it a secret this long.
 Please don't be mad about it!  We found out fairly early (right before Audrey's birthday, in fact) and just wanted to keep it to
ourselves for awhile.  I was planning on telling my family during Thanksgiving, but Carson was born, and it was Jenn's birthday,
and I just wanted to see if I could keep it a secret for the whole weekend.  AND, I really wanted to have you all figure out my
puzzle! (As an aside, I'm also curious if you told each other the solution so that you could discuss what a dork I am, or made
each other figure out the puzzle for themselves...)

Of course, I think that there were hints aplenty during the last few weeks (and especially during our Thanksgiving trip!) Laura  
wants to make it clear that that's why she ate so much during the trip.  It was the pregnancy, and not a newfound love affair with

So, the due date is July 10, which means that we'll finally have a July baby! Actually, and this is even cooler, it will be the first
July baby on both sides of the new baby's family.  It also means that we'll have the baby before we travel to Kiev (and hence we
won't need to worry about med evac-ing while in Kiev).  AND it means that at least my side of the family will have a little bit of
added incentive to actually make it out here to visit next summer!

That's it!  I'll talk to you all soon!
To tell our families about the pending arrival, I set up a scavenger hunt on my web page.  The clues were hidden as
links from pictures of Audrey.  Adding them together, brought them to this page where they saw the picture and the
explanation below!