THREE MONTHS OLD                                                                                                             
CHESTER INDEX                                                                                                                     
I don't know how I went from five weeks to three months without dedicating a page to Chester...  Oh wait, we had an
international move.  Yeah, that'd do it.  These pictures were actually taken the day after his three month birthday, because
that was a Sunday and he was dressed up for church in his little blue oxford (which is actually a onesie, believe it or not!).  
We hadn't originally planned on taking pictures of Audrey, but she wanted us to, so we obliged.  There's more of her
The one on the very bottom is actually the only one on the web that we took on his three month birthday.  The pictures with
Audrey's doll and teddy we've been taking to compare his growth over time.  In the top one, I think that he looks kinda like
E.T.  In the bottom one, he's having more fun...
JULY 7, 2006 - 4:28 AM
7 LBS, 9 OZ - 20.75" LONG