UP TO ONE MONTH OLD                                                                                                        
AND SOME CANDIDS...                                                                                                           
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People have asked me how it's been having a new little one.  It's been great, it really has, but it has been a lot of work.  So
much so, in fact, that I haven't really had time to take a lot of pictures, let alone get them on line.  Hence, these pictures span
the last three weeks or so, and I'm finally squeezing in a couple of hours to get them on the web.  Hopefully, it'll get easier to
get pictures up.  With the imminent move, however, I wouldn't hold my breath.... :)

Just FYI, the pictures in the overalls are from a couple of shoots where I tried to get the kiddos together.  Audrey's shots are
here.  We also did some family shots around the time of Chester's baby blessing.
JULY 7, 2006 - 4:28 AM
7 LBS, 9 OZ - 20.75" LONG