Photography Lessons                                                                                                            
Museum of the American Indian,
Washington, DC, April 2006
WWII Memorial,
Washington, DC, April 2006
Washington and Lincoln,
Washington, DC, April 2006
Bridges Across the Potomac,
Washington, DC, May 2006
Lincoln Revisited,
Washington, DC, May 2006
Ballston Metro, Arlington, VA,
May 2006
Philadelphia, PA
May 2006
Korean War Memorial,
Washington, DC June 2006
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In an effort to improve my technique, I've enrolled in some private photography lessons.  This page will
document the pictures I've taken for my assignments.  While you are welcome to look through the
pictures, please keep in mind that they are learning pictures.  Some of them are the ones that I expect to
get "graded" and others are pictures that I have questions about and want some better feedback.  Hence,
some pictures may be very very bad... :)