CALIFORNIA AND UTAH                                                                                                        
My father-in-law races dwarf cars for a hobby.  We got to go a couple of times to root him on. This is a panoramic of the pits where he waits until his race is up.
My father-in-law with 52n, his car.
Chuck was actually in the lead!
The mud on the car after his first race. Certainly not NASCAR.
At the palace of Fine Arts.  Four years after we took our engagement pictures at the same place.  Now with child...
We saw lots of Laura's cousins at her aunts and uncles house.  All told, we had cousins, first cousins once removed, second cousins and second aunt all in the same room.
From the top of Mt. Diablo, you can see more of the Earth's crust than anywhere else in the US.
At the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Laura and Audrey pose as pearls in the clam...
Saw the wienermobile on the way home. How often do you see that on the freeway?
After swimming, Audrey was really hungry, she tried to eat Laura's nose!
Went to an A's game.  Audrey enjoyed it.  The A's won.
We hiked at Pt. Reyes national park (reserve? something), Audrey was enthralled.
Laura, her Mom and her sister resting on the hike.  You can kind of see my father-in-law's head, too.
Daddy with the baby on the hike. She was happier.  Daddy didn't shave for two weeks.
Laura and the baby at the meadow.
We visited Laura's thesis in the HBLL.  It was actually there, and it had actually been checked out!
Laura pointing at her thesis because we weren't sure the other picture would turn out.
Daddy with Audrey at temple square.  I wanted to give Audrey a little piece of family history, because it was at temple square that my parents were first interested in the church.
From left to right, John, Liz, Ryan, Laura (Audrey), and Johanna.  Old roommates whom we wanted to catch up with and Liz's new husband whom we wanted to meet.
TRAVEL INDEX                                                                                                                       
So after living in the Philippines, we had accrued six weeks of paid vacation. So, enter the longest
vacation/transit period of my entire life.  The first three weeks were spent visiting Laura's folks in
California, then Utah for four days to visit Laura's sister and some other friends, and finally two weeks in
Colorado with my folks.  Of course, being on vacation for that long, you take a LOT of pictures. The
pictures on the next two pages are more family vacation-ish pictures, you can also take a look at the
Audrey Index and rypics for more pictures of our travels.