Four generations of Kochs...  Grandma, Father, Son, and Baby
The five Koch grandkids, although four are Westfalls...
The Koch family's favorite meal...  Barbecued spare ribs.  Yum!
Although the trumpet is Daniels, he had already disappeared by the time I got the camera out...
At the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  Zookeeper Audrey is feeding the giraffes.  She didn't want to let the cracker go.  I think she wanted the food for herself...
These two lions are brothers, but one is genetically a white lion...  not albino, just white.
Two pics of Audrey on the carousel.  She's such a cutie!
Travis on the carousel, too.
Audrey waving at the gorillas.  She waved at everyone (and everything) including the lemurs, the meerkats, and the garbage bin.
My dad leaning over our deck.  I just thought this picture turned out rather well.
Audrey's cousin Jared.  He had played with green marker earlier that day, hence the interesting
Daniel with the hula hoop.
Audrey with Travis and Daniel.
Audrey with cousins Jared and Kristin.
Hiding behind the couch.
Audrey likes the sliding glass doors...  Is it because she likes looking at the outside, or she likes looking at her reflection?
Audrey playing with some green tissue paper. Hey, anything to keep her happy.
CALIFORNIA AND UTAH                                                                                                        
TRAVEL INDEX                                                                                                                       
So after living in the Philippines, we had accrued six weeks of paid vacation. So, enter the longest
vacation/transit period of my entire life.  The first three weeks were spent visiting Laura's folks in
California, then Utah for four days to visit Laura's sister and some other friends, and finally two weeks in
Colorado with my folks.  Of course, being on vacation for that long, you take a LOT of pictures. The
pictures on the next two pages are more family vacation-ish pictures, you can also take a look at the
Audrey Index and rypics for more pictures of our travels.