In July, 2004, we took a much
needed vacation to the United
States.  Our main purpose of
travel was to attend my
sister-in-law Kelly's wedding to
my former roommate (believe
it or not) Glen Varga.  It was a
very happy time, and gave us
the opportunity to see my cute
nephew Andrew, and how
much he's grown.  When we
left for the Philippines, Andrew
was only 2 weeks old, and
here he is almost a year old.
We also took the opportunity on both sides
of our family to have some family pictures
taken.  As always when we visit our family,
we don't know when the next time we'll all be
together will be, so we have to take pictures!
 Above is Laura's side, with Andrew, the
whole gang, and then Laura's parents.  
Below is my side with the six siblings, my
parents and me at a Rockie's game, and
Jenn's kids in front of their house.
Besides our families, we got to see some of
our good friends.  Rosie and Chris, who just
bough this amazing place in San Francisco,
and Johanna and Andy (along with others
not pictured) in Salt Lake City.