MY NEW CAMERA                                                                                                                                   
"Proud to be an American"
I was walking around taking pictures and
saw this flag in this window.  I thought it
was really neat.  I really like the fact that
it's ok to be patriotic in the states.
There were people handing out
carnations this day.  I always think this
memorial is one of the most thought
"Off my Friend's Balcony"
Just fooling around with the shutter
speed and letting it look like life is
passing me by.
"Out in the Country"
Although it looks like it's out in the
country, it's actually in the middle of a
bunch of high rises.
"Morning Dew"
Nothing too creative, but I liked the way
that you can't even tell what's behind the
grass at all, and how the green and the
brick form a nice watercolor looking
Just shooting some random pictures and
liking the auto focus...
"Tripod and Photoshop"
I like my new tripod and my new
photoediting software...  Audrey Audrey
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So I did it.  I bought a new camera.  I just got it a couple of days ago, so haven't been able to experiment too much.  I've
reserved a couple of days to take pictures over the next two weeks, and I'll be putting those pictures on soon.  The first
four pictures are with my old camera, the other ones are with my new.