BOSTON AND ENVIRONS OCT 05                                                                                                          
Just because it's a little bit more of an esoteric
name than "awnings" (which, by the way, is the
Swedish word for idea...  Clever, eh?
"Liesl's Legos"
Over at our friend's house I took this
picture to show them our camera, but
ended up liking the picture a lot.
"Fountain at Five"
This fountain turns off at 5 pm.  The fountain interests me
because the stones are uneven.  Maybe to make the
water rougher and provide a more fountain-y effect?
"Pretty in Pink"
Experimenting with my camera.  
"Orchard House"
This was at the Orchard House (home of
Lousia May Alcott) in Concord, MA.  It had
rained the night before.
"Black Currant"
At least that's what these look like.  Also
taken near the Concord Museum.
"Concord Museum"
Also in Concord, Laura was sitting in the
car with the sleeping babe, so I walked
around to take a few shots.
"View From the Bottom"
There's nothing particularly special about the tree, but I
thought the shot turned out rather nicely.  I especially
like the white trunk against the green leaves..
"Down the Street from the Alcotts"
We went to Boston to see the colors, but
this picture is about as colorful as it got.
"View at the North Bridge"
This was taken at the North Bridge in Concord, MA, the
location of the first battle of the American Revolution,
also known as  the shot heard round the world.
"Picket Fences"
Wasn't there a drama by that name at
some point?  Also in Concord.
Back to Rypics
We went to Boston over the long weekend to get in touch with our American History.  The plan was to be able to take a
whole bunch of pictures and really get to try out my new camera.  Unfortunately, it rained almost the entire time, so I
didn't get anywhere near as many pictures as I wanted.  The pictures below are from a couple days before the trip, and
a few pictures on the trip.  Notice everything is wet....  Oh well.