on the way to Washington DC, the California leg...                                                                             
Three of the ladies from my last job.  I realize that they
are not really on the way to California, but I didn't have
any other place to put them...
"Anthony listens to nature"
I stole the idea for this one from a picture I once saw.
"The End is in Sight"
so dubbed by my Aunt-in-law Vicki
Another one taken at the Palace.
"Wilting Flower"
One of the first pictures that I tried to take adjusting
my own shutter speed and aperture.
"Three Sisters"
"Water Lilly 1"
In my Father-in-law's pond in the backyard.
"Water Lilly 2"
Taking this shot was tricky, because I had to squat on
a bush to get the camera in position.
This is the front yard.  It pays to have a landscape architect
for a father-in-law when you're taking flower shots.
"Grass in the Meadow"
Just trying to take more macro shots.
"Backyard Barbecue"
Experimenting with night shots and slow shutter
It's actually fake, but it looks pretty real.
"Out the Bathroom Window, 8 am"
I love Northern California.
"I Tried"
I went for 2 weeks without shaving hoping I'd be able
to grow a decent beard.  Guess I'm just not the facial
hair type.  At least my wife's not complaining anymore.
Back to Rypics
On our way to Washington, DC, I actually took the time to read the manual that came with my camera (novel idea, I
know) and start exploring the world of photography more in depth. I think that I took some pretty decent pictures due to
more experimentation, and more picture taking in general.