FALL ON THE MALL                                                                                                                                 
The Capitol and The Washington Monument
I tried to frame these two pictures with the leaves.
"Lincoln Takes a Bath" "At the Lincoln Memorial" and "Pillars"
All three taken at the Lincoln Memorial, which I think is my favorite of
the memorials, although FDR is really cool too.
"In Memory of Rosa Parks" and "Washington Monument 1 & 2"
The flags were all at half mast to honor Rosa Parks.  These particular
flags are some of the flags around the Washington Monument.
"Far Away 1 & 2"
I was trying to get the color, but I like the way Audrey looks in the
"Backlit Audrey 1, 2 & 3"
This was when Audrey and I were romping.  You can see the WW II
memorial in the far right picture.  I just think they turned out well.
"WW II Memorial Visitor Center 1 & 2" and "White House Ellipse
I was a little disappointed in the lack of color on the mall, but the
Visitor's Center had nice color and so did the Ellipse.
"Misty Morning"
A beautiful shot of residential DC
"Yellow Tree 1 & 2"
People tend to like the fall colors for the reds and the oranges, but I
think yellow is nice too.
"The Metro"
Although a bit generic, everyone has to have a slow shutter subway
shot, don't they?
Back to Rypics
I love downtown Washington DC anyway, but going there during the Fall was especially fun.  Audrey and I took a little
Daddy-Daughter Date, and took some pictures of the various monuments.  We also just played around on the big
grass area between the Washington Monument and the WWII memorial.  It was a very lovely day. Warning - there are a
lot of pictures on this page!  Sorry!