IN WHICH I...                                                                                                                                             
Picture 1, in which I discover the kaleidoscope of
colors in my wife's eye in the sunlight.
Picture 2, in which I start to get a little bit baby
hungry again.
Picture 3, in which I try to preserve the last
vestiges of summer.
Picture 4, in which nature proves once again that
it always has the last word.
Picture 5, in which my wife and I reach a
compromise on blowing bubbles in the house.
Picture 6, in which I sympathize with the neglected
fire hydrant.
Picture 7, in which I finally realize just how much
artificial coloring goes into a bowl of children's cereal.
Picture 8, in which I take a picture of the crying child instead
of consoling her, showing once again why I'm the dad.
Picture 9, in which I rush to right the fallen sign,
only to realize it wasn't knocked over.
Picture 10, in which I'm grateful that someone hadn't
painted the brick in a while, because I got a better shot.
Back to Rypics
As I've been delving more into the field of photography, I've discovered that one of the things that makes the picture for
me is the title of the picture.  Two people could show the exact same picture, but if one of them has a cool title for the
picture, I feel the picture has more depth.
Keeping that in mind, a while back I read
Around the World in 80 Days.  The chapters were always subtitled with an 'in
which' clause, for example, "Chapter 8, in which Passepartout perhaps talks a little bit more than is proper" or "Chapter
27, in which Passepartout follows, with a speed of twenty miles an hour, a course of Mormon history." (I'm serious, that
one's in there!) So I decided that I would name a series of photos in the same way, and see if they turn out any cooler
than they would otherwise...  Have fun!