my first feeble attempts at artistry...                                                                                    
I like to call this one 'coffin.'  Isn't that what vases are, really?
files files everywhere.  Glad this isn't my office!
I was in charge of a reception, these are the beer glasses shortly before the guests arrived.
Audrey's ball pit. Happy colors.
These are the three kings from the nativity set we bought in the Philippines.
We spend so much time in the kitchen, I'll probably have a lot of kitchen. These are our first attempts at homemade chocolates... Yeah, we're going to use molds from now on.
These flowers grow in the Philippines, especially near our apartment. I really think they're pretty.
I don't know if this one is really all that artsy, but I think it's kind of cool.  The coolest thing about it is that it was taken in the middle of day, but so much light in the lens turned it all weirdo colors.
Like I said, a lot of kitchen shots!  This is practicing with the icing.
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This was in Bohol, Philippines.  Geckos are all over the place, but rarely inside the lantern!
A row of statues outside of the Emerald Buddha's temple.
Here are a smattering of my first attempts at trying to be a more artistic photographer, they're not that
great, but hey, I'm a beginner.  They're also the last pictures on the list, so if you don't like them, look at
more recent galleries!  These pictures were all taken during the time that I lived in Manila, Philippines.