THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS 'O5                                                                                                  
"DC Temple"
The temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints near Washington DC (Kensington, MD) does a beautiful Christmastime
light display each year.  Laura and I were finally able to make it up the last day of the display, and it was well worth the trip.
"Mt. Vernon at Night"
This was our Christmas Card pic this year.  We thought it fitting for the Holiday Season.
Church Chandelier
Church Across the Way
Taken at sunset
"Birthday Hands"
My wife cutting her own birthday cake.  Yup, it's
hers, sun and flowers and everything.
"Grandma C"
A nice shot of my mother-in-law.  I got some good
candids which makes me happy.
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"Our Weary Little Globetrotter"
Asleep on the flight.  Poor thing has been on 19
flights in her life.  No wonder she was tired!
"What's in Your Fridge?"
Audrey figured out how to get into the leftover
birthday cake, big surprise...
"Out at Sea"
Mom and Baby looking out at sea during Audrey's
first trip to the beach.  Audrey wasn't quite sure
what to make of the surf and sand.
"Love of My Life"
Laura usually has a smirk on her face, like "why
the heck are you taking my picture?" but this shot
turned out well, I think.
I've always been a little bit scared of them.
And this is only the right half of the couch...
I've been saving some of these pictures for awhile, waiting until there was enough to put together a whole page.  Here
you go!