Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO...                                                                                       
"Cadet Quad"
First years at the Academy are required to stay on the
white lines whenever they're in the quad.  Reason #64
why I didn't join the military...
"Chapel at Dawn"
An odd building, really, but gorgeous nonetheless.
"Reflecting the Light"
"Along the Side"
"Lower Corridor"
The top floor is a Protestant Chapel, this "hallway" leads
to the Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim rooms of worship.
"Front of the Chapel"
"Back of the Chapel"
Looks pretty much the same, but the light was different.

Below: "Air Force Academy Chapel"
A panoramic I took of the Chapel.
" 'BIG' rocks"
They were actually only about 2 feet tall, but I was
trying to make them look really big.  I think I
"B-52 Nose"
They have a B-52 set up as part of a monument.
"B-52 Wing"
Original titles, I know.
"Bell Pepper"
I had four different people tell me that the engine
looked like a produce item.
This path led around the plane.  Compositionally, I
think this is one of the best pictures I've taken.
"Black-Eyed Susan"
These grow all around my home.  They're a weed,
really, but I think they're pretty.
"Pike's Peak"
What set of photos of Colorado Springs can be
completed without this most famous mountain?  Yes,
it is from this mountain that the words to "America,
the Beautiful" came into being.
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I took a morning just trying to get some shots of the Air Force Academy Chapel and environs.  This is the chapel where
my parents married shortly after Dad graduated from the Academy.  There are 17 spires which, according to the
architect, represent the 12 Apostles and the 5 Joint Chiefs of Staff.  I really think the Academy is a beautiful place, and
I'm pleased with the way these pictures turned out.