THE CAMERA WASN'T ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO...                                                                           
A really big flag in the main hallway.
The roof of the main hallway, it reminds me of a train station.
Hallway in between the terminals.
Crocs.  Are these things worth the hype?
Showing the kids the plane.
More seats.
Amazing that I had to overexpose it this much, even with the huge bank of windows, eh?
Main hallway from the mezzanine level.
MY NEW TOYS...                                                                                                                                      
My remote.  I love it!
With the new flash, bounced off the cieling.
With ambient light.
Just for comparison's
sake.  The one on
the left is with my new
flash, the top right is
w/o flash and the
bottom right is with
the camera flash.  i
love my new flash!  
With the built-in flash.  Yucky.
JEN'S HANDIWORK                                                                                                                                 
Back to Rypics
So, I did go to LA a couple of weeks ago to tape my episode of 'Wheel of Fortune.'  It was a lot of fun.  I got to see all the
behind the scenes stuff, meet Vanna, talk to Pat, and be on national TV.  Well, I haven't been yet, but I will be soon!  One of
the best parts of the trip, however, was not having my kids with me.  Yes, that sounds calloused and cruel, but it was so nice
to be able to relax on the plane and not worry about snacks, or crying baby, or anything like that.  I could read my book, and
do my Sudoku, and just veg.  My eternal thanks to my mother-in-law who stayed with Laura so that I could have a vacation!

But, although I was planning a plethora of pretty pictures, they wouldn't let the cameras in the studio.  So, all you get are some
still pretty cool pictures of National Airport that I took while I was waiting for my flight out.  I tried to avoid going to the Northwest
terminal as long as possible because I HATE that terminal...

Also included on this page are pictures illustating my new camera toys: a remote control trigger and an external flash unit!  

Oh, and
Jen Krey (my sister-in-law) wanted to practice photoshop, so she asked for some of my pictures.  I put those on to
show off her work, and if you click on them, it will take you to what I did with them!

That's it.  I promise.