ANNABELL W.                                                                                                                                          
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So, I asked a friend at church if I could take pictures of his newborn.  It was completely selfish as I really just wanted to
practice on someone else's baby before I started trying to take pictures of my own.  The results from the 1st shoot have black
frames.  I tried to use my studio lighting and was NOT pleased with the results.  Out of the black-frames, I really like the top
one, although it may, or may not, have been better with a happy baby.  I kind of like the crying, personally. The rest are fairly
mediocre.  Because I was so un-pleased with the results, I asked her mom if she would bring her baby to my place to try a
shoot with natural lighting.  I was MUCH MUCH more pleased with those results.  They're the ones with the white frames.  My
favorite are the top three, and I'm really pleased with the rest of the batch as well.  As a side note, the full body shot was done
with grandma holding little baby Annabell under the fabric.  My only regret of the shoot was that I didn't catch that her head
was partially cut off by a fold in the fabric.  Well.  You learn every day, right?