CHERRY BLOSSOMS GALORE                                                                                                              
A panoramic of the tidal basin.  Washington monument on the right, Jefferson memorial on the left.
Washingtonmonument through the blossoms.
A lot of buds.  Like I said we were just a couple days early.
Jefferson Memorial in the rear.
Although you can't see the blossoms too well, I liked the light.
The blossoms made a tunnel that you walked through.
I thought the idea of a monk posing for a picture was cool, so I took a picture, too!
My love.
Laura liked this tree.
We crossed to the metro on the other side of the Potomac, and saw this willow.  It was a nice silhouette.
I photoshopped this one a bit.  The blossoms weren't really quite this pink.
I thought it fitting that the EPA planted pretty tulips around its building.
The four laterns of the EPA building.  They were actually probably about 4 feet tall.
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One of the prettiest times of year in DC is Spring when all the cherry blossoms around the tidal basin are in bloom.  It's
absolutely lovely to walk around in the fresh (and warm!) Spring air and look at all the pretty flowers.  We took our trip
there a couple days before peak bloom this year, but it was still well worth it.  Laura got to see the Jefferson and FDR
memorials for the first time, and I got to take a few pictures.  For more info on the blossoms, click
here.  The 2 pictures
on the very bottom are of the EPA building.