BALLSTON METRO                                                                                                                                  
The sunglasses on the left is my favorite pic from the shoot.  I like the DOF, color and somewhat unusual subject.  The one on
the left is a baptist (I think) church by the metro.
I've walked past this building many times, and I've always been quite taken with the blue balconies.  I've tried taking pictures of
it before, but was never satisfied, I think because I didn't take the time to really frame and shoot the balconies.  I was happy
with the way that these two turned out.  
The one on the left is of the button to push to cross the street.  I like it for the kind of fish eye effect in the button.  Also
because the old lady that you can see in the reflection jaywalked right after I took the picture.  I thought she was cool.  The on
the right is the flower seller by the metro stop.  I wish I had had a couple of bucks spare cash on me so I could have bought my
wife some flowers.  It's a pretty standard picture, but I like the colors in the flowers.

And as always, the EC.  I took this shot on Sat. evening to create an invite for a party my wife and I are throwing (the words go
around the edges).  It was my first time to try to make food pretty for a picture.  I like the result.  Maybe I'll quit my day job and
become a food dresser instead.
Back to Rypics
I went to NYC on Friday, and was supposed to take pictures of that trip.  Unfortunately, the only hour that I had to wander
around by myself and take pictures was the one hour that it decided to rain in New York.  Other than that, the weather was
quite wonderful.  So, that means that pictures didn't happen in NY, unfortunately.  So, instead, I took a walkabout on Saturday,
and tried to capture some sights/sounds near the Ballston Metro Stop.  Below are my favorite pictures from the shoot.  
Although I don't think it's the best set in the entire world, I really like a couple of them.