BRIDGES SPANNING THE POTOMAC                                                                                                   
But, first things first.  These four are of the Arlington Memorial
Bridge.  The pictures that I actually took on the bridge I wasn't happy
with.  I found it difficult to get the lines that I wanted.   Either the row
of light posts crossed in front of Lincoln, instead of leading to it, or if I
tried to use the other side, they were too far apart to get a nice line.  
When I went down by the water, however, I was much more pleased
with those photos.  I thought the bridge seemed to lead to the sites
better, instead of leading around them...
I was frustrated cropping this
one, because either there
was too much grass and sky
if I left it vertical, or the bridge
was cut out if I made it
horizontal.  Then it came to
me, why not a square crop
(duh), I'm very pleased with
the result.
This grouping of four captures the 14th St. Bridge.  I think.  
There's a lot of bridges right there.  Actually, the only one that
I think may really be the 14th St. Bridge is the bottom right.  
It's the very end of the bridge where it crosses over the Mt.
Vernon Trail.  The bottom two are actually my favorite bridge
pictures.  I like the feel of the "old time" bridges (with all the
exposed rivets, etc.)  The bottom left is actually much better
viewed large.  Click on the picture for the large version.
The final two are my extra credits from the shoot.  I think the one on the left is funny simply because it
would seem that Marines should look a little bit tougher than this guy.  The one on the right is the
tracks at the Arlington Cemetery Metro Stop.  It's actually my favorite picture I took that day.
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This weeks assignment was a little bit different in nature for a couple of reasons.  The first was the fact that I didn't shoot the
typical tourist destinations of DC.  I was to shoot some of the bridges that cross the Potomac.  The Arlington Memorial Bridge
(from Arlington Cemetery to the Lincoln Memorial) and the 14th St. Bridge (from Jefferson to Crystal City).  The second way it
was different was that I had a lot of specific shots that my teacher wanted me to get.  These included a vertical shot from
Lincoln back to the Cemetery, and one concentrating on DOF looking at Lincoln.  A couple, however, I was not able to get.  
There's a lot of construction right now on the backside of the Lincoln Memorial, so I wasn't able to get any pictures with the
pillars of the Lincoln Memorial, and, since I was one foot, I wasn't able to find a pedestrian path to the hotel in Crystal City that
didn't take a couple of miles to walk (and I didn't have the time to do that), but I did get both sides of the bridges, as well as
some other shots.  I also decided to put all the pictures in B&W.  Before I did that, the pictures were just pictures, but I think it
added a lot to remove the color...  All in all, I like the collection, though I don't think it's one of my best.