PHILADELPHIA, PA                                                                                                                                  
While we were waiting for our tour of Independence Hall to start, we were able to relax in the park for a little while.  There was
a nice statue of "The Signer" symbolizing every signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Audrey liked walking on the
cobblestones, so I wanted to capture that, and I also wanted to get the carriage drivers.
The next three are of Independence Hall, two of the interior, and one of the outside.  I'll let you figure out which is which  :)
The final three were taken during our walking tour.  The dark brick is the Bourse, or Stock Exchange, the stone pillars is the Former
Philadelphia Merchants' Exchange, and the last one is a kind of dilapidated building that I liked close to the Betsy Ross home.  
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On the spur of the moment, Laura and I decided to take the family to Philadelphia for the Memorial Day Holiday.  For the first
time during this last year, it didn't rain!!!  (Boston, New York, and Williamsburg were rained out...  hmmmm....)  But, I did get
some nice pictures which I am submitting for this weeks class.  Enjoy!