WWII MEMORIAL                                                                                                                                      
These are my favorite shots of the shoot.  Someone had laminated a picture of their WWII hero (and I'm assuming that
he must have fallen in the war) and left it on a little ledge on the memorial.  I actually like the one on the right perhaps
better because of the DOF mainly, but you can't see the picture.  This little detail really touched me when I saw it, and
I'm really happy I was able to capture it.

I like the pictures below because they look like I used a wide angle lens.  I think it was the optical illusion caused by the
pillars and the water.  I kick myself about the one on the right, however, because I should have waited until those two
people were done walking by, but when I was framing the picture, I wasn't paying attention to the whole picture...
Part of the assignment was to get the Washington and Lincoln monuments in the picture as well.  The sun was setting
in the direction of the Lincoln Monument, unfortunately, so the light was really bad in those pictures (something I want
to discuss...)  These are my favorite two with the Washington Monument.
For some reason, when I reviewed my pictures later, I had a lot
more pictures of the Atlantic side of the memorial than the Pacific
side.  I think it might be because the front of the Pacific side was
in shadow, so I maybe subconsciously liked the Atlantic side
more?  Whatever the reason, these are two shots of the Atlantic
side.  I liked having the trees in the back to add some green.  The
picture below I purposely focused on the water in order to blur the
background.  Finally, I took a picture of the star wall (1 star for
every 100 deaths in the war).  I intentionally did not include either
side of the wall, leaving one to wonder just how far it extends.
The last two pictures.  The one on the left is of the gutters around
the fountain.  I like the detail in the stars, which complement the
stars on the wall.  I also like the DOF in this one as well.  The final
picture of the set is of some flowers someone left by MA.  I think it
brings the set full circle and helps us remember just why we have
memorials.  Not necessarily to remember the war, but to
remember those who paid the price for our freedom...

Things to discuss next week?  Using the flash correctly and
shooting into the sun...
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This week's assignment was to focus on the WWII Memorial.  The newest memorial on the mall, it was completed in
2004.  Besides paying attention to composition, light, and vertical shots, I was to make the picture more provocative by
having it extend beyond the limits of the picture, and to use the series of photos to paint a complete picture of the
memorial.  I also was to take pictures beyond the normal 'touristy' shots.