BETTER THAN THE BEST                                                                                                                       
#4 Wide Angle WWII

1. Subject - In addition to the actual
memorial, I tried to get the people in the
bottom left in the picture to make the
memorial a little bit more human (instead
of just a fountain), and to give a focal point
to the picture.  
2. Composition - I like the composition of
the picture.  I like the lines of both the
pillars, and of the water streams.
3. Angle - I actually like the straight on of
the picture.  I think that viewing it from the
side would have been distracting, because
then the focus would have been split
between the water and the Atlantic pillar.
4. Lighting - Bright sunny light, kept my
ISO down and it didn't seem to be a
5. Light Source - It was outside in the sun.  
Not much to think about.
6. Distractions - Although I like the people,
they could also be considered a distraction
because they draw focus away from the
7. Rule of Thirds - I like the bands in this
picture.  The band of trees, then fountain,
then walkway.  It is a straight on picture,
though, with the fountain right in the
#3 - Along the Side of the Museum of the
American Indian

1. Subject - This is a great building, with
curves and undulations.  Trick is to
capture them...  
2. Composition - I like the composition of
the picture, especially because I was able
to get so many of the waves of the building
into one shot.
3. Angle - I think the angle was the key to
composition.  Getting it straight on, you
wouldn't have been able to notice the
curves in the architecture as well.  It was
also necessary to get an upward focused
angle to get the widening and narrowing of
the curves.
4. Lighting - Light was a factor in this
picture.  The light was behind the building,
which, when I got the shutter speed slow
enough to get the building right, it washed
out the sky.
5. Light Source - Again the sun.  It might
have been better to get the sun in the
morning when the light was on this side of
the building.
6. Distractions - No distractions because
there's only the building.
7. Rule of Thirds - The building kind of
takes up the whole picture, but because of
the corner of sky, the focus of the picture
isn't dead on center.  Could have probably
done a better job with this.
#2 - The End of the 14th St. Bridge

1. Subject - Getting bridges was a harder
subject for me, because I didn't have any
personal connection to these bridges
(versus I really like the monuments a lot).  
Nevertheless, I tried to get portions of the
bridge that most people don't consider and
think I achieved my objective.  
2. Composition - I like the composition of
this one, especially the way the trees are
framing the section of the bridge I was
focusing on.
3. Angle - The angle is pretty dead on.  
Were I to do this one over, I might try from
the side just to see the effect.  I like the
horizontal shot, though.  I don't think that
vertical would have done it justice.
4. Lighting - The light was coming through
the trees which made the bridge a bit more
shaded.  Hence the trees are a little light
and the bridge a little dark.  Bringing the
picture in might have changed this, but
then I would have lost the trees.
5. Light Source - Again the sun.  I shot
early in the morning.  I think I'd go at a
different time of day if I went back, just to
see how it differed.
6. Distractions - I actually shot this frame
twice.  The first time, there was a runner
underneath the bridge, but I posted this
one because I thought the runner was a
distraction.  It might have added something
to the picture, humanized it like the WWII if
I had left it in.
7. Rule of Thirds - Had the bridge not
spanned (pun intended) the picture, rule
of thirds wouldn't have been as good, but
this provided nice bands in the picture.
#1 - Lincoln Memorial from the Side

1. Subject - Maybe the reason I like this so
much is because I love this subject.  
Always best to shoot something you want
to shoot!  
2. Composition - I like the composition of
this photo, especially the way Lincoln's
chair seems to be against the wall of the
picture.  I also used a zoom lens to avoid
getting the pillars on the near side.
3. Angle - The angle is nice.  The side
view really shows off Lincoln's profile,
although it does put a lot of chair in the
4. Lighting - The light was morning and
kind of harsh, but it's too dark if the light's
not coming through in the morning.  It did,
however, wash out Lincoln's face a bit.  I
also used a filter on the zoom, which
changed the light.
5. Light Source - The light did, however,
illuminate Lincoln's face, and leave the
rest more shaded, which I think is perfect.  
I loved that aspect of it.
6. Distractions - Because the pillar is in
shade, and Lincoln is illuminated, the pillar
doesn't detract from the picture.
7. Rule of Thirds - Pretty good, but
Lincoln's face is a bit too far to the left.
So, as you've surmised, I think that Lincoln is the best.  However, after analyzing it, I did realize that there were a lot of things that I
could improve.  I went back at the same time because I liked the light effect, but I tried to adjust ISO to compensate for that and get
more details on Lincoln's face.  I also tried to add a bit more depth/perspective.  To do so, I changed the lens to get the near pillars,
and I also tried to put a person in the picture (and the filter's not on the wide angle so the color's different).  Finally, I shot from a little
bit more of a 45 degree angle in relation to the statue to get less chair and more Lincoln.

And, believe it or not, I think I did succeed in improving this picture.  My favorite two shots are below.
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My second to last assignment was to get me to think more critically about my work.  I was to take the four pictures that I
thought were the best from the class and analyze them based on 7 criteria: subject, composition, angle, lighting, light source,
distractions and rule of thirds (for an explanation on rule of thirds, click here.  I think the rest are pretty self explanatory).  
Once I did that, I was to take the picture that I thought was best, return to the location and make it even better.