MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN                                                                                                   
These two pictures fulfill the letter of the assignment.  I started taking
pictures at about 3:00 on a Tuesday afternoon.  When I arrived at the
building, only one side was fully lit by the sun.  The side that I thought
was the most uniform (not a lot of architectural extras).  The side that
had the most variance was already fully in shadow.  Hence, I took the
'full length' picture of the point of the building (it's triangular shaped).  
For the detail, I focused on one window alcove, because I liked the
curve of the shadow.
Another detail that I really liked of the building was the three layers of the ceiling spreading out from the corner.  I
tried to get it from different angles to experiment with the reaction of the light behind the building.
EXTRA CREDIT:  I took some pictures of the dark side of the building because I liked it, and focused on
composition of picture.  The vertical one on the bottom is my favorite from the whole shoot.
What I learned:

I thought it a couple of things were interesting with
this assignment for a couple of reasons.  The first
was taking pictures I liked with subject matter I didn't
(i.e. The lighted side of the building being the one
that I didn't like so much).  I also liked focusing on
taking pictures with vertical composition.  This is
something that I haven't really done so much (I'm
almost always horizontally oriented) and I liked the
change of mindset.

Future Questions:

I also had a photo shoot the same day with a
colleague and her fiancé. Even from taking some
pictures of the building, the pictures were different,
and I think better, than they would have been
otherwise.  I did have some questions about lighting,
however, that I would like to discuss.  The most
important one is fill flash.  The picture on the left is
without fill flash.  The one on the right with it, but I
don't like either picture and would like to know what I
can do to improve them lighting-wise.  The actual
captures aren't that hot either, but since the lighting
stinks, captures doesn't matter...  :)  Some better
pictures can be found
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My first assignment was to photograph the Museum of the American Indian.  I was to look for shadow and harsh sun,
composition of the photograph, and the difference in taking the picture with a vertical or horizontal angle.  I needed to
photograph the of an entire side of the building, and then detail on that side.  Here's what I came up with: