GABRIEL P.                                                                                                                                              
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So my friend's wife had a baby just a couple of weeks before I did.  I originally offered to do a newborn shoot for them so that I
could practice before my babe was born.  Well, it turned out that it happened after my baby was born, and I'm not really all
that pleased with the shoot.  The six shots below are my favorite.

But, it did turn into a good learning experience.  Lessons learned?  1.  Make sure you know what the lighting situation is going
to be like before the shoot.  I should have either shot at my house when I knew the lighting was going to be good, or gone to
his house before the shoot to scope out the lighting situation.  The place that had the best lighting was a screened in porch,
and it happened to be VERY humid that day (as Northern Virginia is wont to be), and the camera was fogging up.  Moving
indoors, the light wasn't near as good, so the pictures came out somewhat grainy when I lightened them.  Had I known what
the situation was like, I would have held off until I could have used the porch.  2. Photoshop is our friend.  Gabriel actually had
pretty bad baby acne, so in comes Photoshop!  I did OK, but his face still looks a little mottled.  Trust me, it is a lot better than
it was!  3. Make sure your subject is situated correctly towards the light.  Since my light source was smaller, I assumed his
head was going to be well lit in some full body shots, and it wasn't.  Therefore, I have some great pictures of his legs, that
should've been his whole body.  Needless to say, they are not on this page.  4.  Babies grimace a lot.  You can see this in the
pics of him and his sis especially.  He just kind of looks mad.  If you want to get a good smile on a baby, I think you have to
wait until they're 2-3 months old.  Newborns should probably just be asleep :)

But despite the learning curve of it all, I am happy with a few of the pictures.  And if the family likes at least one of them, then
the shoot was worth it.  It's not like they were out any money on the deal... :)