SIGHTSEEING WITH RELATIVES                                                                                                           
"Four Years and Two Months, Exactly"
At least it was when I took the picture...
"The Capitol with the Reflecting Pool"
That's the reflecting pool by the Capitol, not
the Lincoln Memorial...
"Michaela, Seriously"
I think she's concentrating very intently on
her string cheese.
"Natalie, Cute As Can Be"
Biggest compliment I received all weekend was from her.  She
said, "You are funny." And she loved her new hat.  She was so
tickled when she found out she could take it home with her!
"Anthony After His Snack"
I made him wipe off the pepperoni stains in
order to take the picture...
"Looking Up PA"
The view up Pennsylvania Avenue from the
Old Post Office tower.
The courtyard of the Old Post Office
"She Preserves Memories Her Way, I Preserve Them My Way"
I'm so grateful I have someone to scrapbook all the pictures I take....  :)
Back to Rypics
We had some relatives come into town.  We went sightseeing.  I took some pictures, that's about it....  A couple other
random pics for good measure. No borders on these ones, sorry.