A FEW INITIAL PICS OF KYIV                                                                                                                 
A nice building, but somewhat rundown, at least on the outside.  I think it's fairly typical.
I liked the elongated shadows of these balconies in the early morning.
Kind of a circular building with circular balconies.
Again, another row of balconies...
This is the Laura Tourist Agency, I had to take a picture...
Boris Dmitrovich Grinchenko.  No clue who he is, but he got his bust on the wall!
Here's where we digress.  A nice pic of Laura feeding the babe.
My ties, all rolled up for packing.  I liked the color swirl.
US products in cyrillic.  Gotta love transliteration!
The slogan on the left side says, in every place, we're happier together.
Same building as above, in bw.  I couldn't decide which one I liked better.
Again, same as above, but bw.
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With the move and everything, it felt like it had been AGES since I had been able to take pictures.  So, one day I finally set out
and took some pictures of buildings that I've seen around town that I thought would give a nice impression of the kinds of
things that I see here, and how some of the architecture is a bit different than what one would see, say, in the States.

Oh, and a note about spelling.  I think as a whole Ukrainians (and by that I mean W. Ukrainians....the Ukrainian speaking half
of the country) prefer Kyiv as the more PC spelling of the capital city.  But, Kiev is still the more accepted global version.  
Hence, sometimes you'll probably see me spelling it one way sometimes and the other way at other times...