JOHN AND BECCA                                                                                                                                   
I really like this one, but for the fact that John's eyes are kind of squinty.  I would have liked to have them more open.
I like this one.  I think, no offense Becca, that these two of John were my favorite of the shoot.  Only because the light is better than the ones below.
As far as lighting is concerned, this is my favorite of Becca.
Had the lighting been better, I think that this would have been my favorite picture.  It's definitely my favorite capture of expression.
I like these two couple shots because they're a bit more candid.  I don't necessarily love the heads on top of eachother, but I like the relaxed, candid pictures a lot.
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Wanting to experiment more with my lights, I invited my friends John and Becca over so that I could take some pictures
of them.  They were good sports to come over and let me take pictures for about 2 hours, while I tinkered with and
subtly (or in some cases not so subtly) adjusted the lights over and over.  But, I'm fairly pleased with the results.  
There's still a lot of room for improvement, but I am pleased.  I hope they will be, too!