MEGAN AND CAVIN M.                                                                                                                           
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Some friends were going to go to Target to have some pictures of their kids taken.  I told them, "Heck, I can do it for free, and
if you don't like it
then you can go to Target."  So, here are the pictures.  We'll have to see if they end up going to Target or
not.  My favorites of the evening are, of course, the biggest ones.  It's interesting, however, to see what pictures the parents
like v. what pictures the photographer likes.  Invariably it's different.  When I did the
M. boys, for example, the pictures their
mom chose to put on their web page were totally different than the ones on mine.  So, our friends will have to see all their
pictures before deciding to go to Target or not.  Not just the ones on the web. :)  PS  the bottom two are from a jaunt to the
park after the 'official' shoot.