MICHAEL AND ELIZABETH S.                                                                                                                
PS For some reason when I tried to put a border one, it wouldn't come out white.  I think it's because I messed around so much with the color.  Just in case you were wondering.
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Quite often, when I've told people that I'm always looking for models, they graciously volunteer their children to model for me :)
This was one of those sessions.  A lady that I'm currently taking a public speaking class with volunteered her two little children.
They were darling, and I learned a lot during the session.  To explain the pictures a bit, Elizabeth went first, and by the time it
was Michael's turn, he didn't have the patience to take serious ones, so we made a pact, some serious and then he could
goof off (hence, the last two in his set!).  Then, we tried to get some with both of them.  The vertical shot is the most
impressive, I think, because it was salvaged.  My sync cord fell out, and the only light is from the playroom next to where we
were doing the shoot.  In addition, I got my camera strap (which is usually always around my neck) in the picture.  If you click
on the picture, you can see the original, and be awed.  Finally, we wanted to do all three.  After much struggling, both kids
finally looked up at once, and I clicked.  I consider it my lucky shot of the evening!