MORE KYIV PICTURES                                                                                                                            
The circus.  Looking forward to taking the kids there.
Another bride.  This time at the statue of Shevchenko in Shevchenko Park.
We had Hint of Lime tostitos the other day.  We found this one with a big clump of lime powder.  It looked like something Nate would like.
33. The number of silicon gel packs they put in the piano box to keep it nice and dry in storage for a year and a half.
A line up of our matryoshka dolls.
One of my favorite dolls.  I think she kind of looks like Zsa Zsa Gabor.
This little girl was only about 2 inches high.  Yet there were ten dolls in it.
This is the smallest of the red ones.  It is teeny tiny.
How we listened to General Conference.
Our cupboard is lit from above.  It has lots of colors.
These are the Mentos girls.
On Saturdays there are a lot of promo people out and about.  They dress up.  These are the Milka girls.
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Just some more Kyiv pics. Make sure that you look for captions on these ones.  Wanting to comment on most of them, I
thought it would be too much for one paragraph on the top.