Elder Moon showing off his European Overcoat for his family.
MORMON MISSIONARIES                                                                                                                       
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So, the night before I was to do a photo shoot, the Elders were going to come to our house for dinner.  Since I had my
equipment all set up anyway, I asked if they wanted some portraits done that they could then send home to their folks for
Christmas (or I could, via e-mail, or whatever), they said sure, and the results are below.  They were really good sports about
the whole thing, and I was impressed with the way the pictures turned out. PS They were also featured on my
Photo-A-Day on
December 1st!  PS Elder Parker's pictures are first because I shot him first.
This is actually my favorite from the shoot, because they were having fun with it.
I like this one except for the framing, but that's my own fault.
Elder Moon's Portrait
Elder Parker's Portrait.
Together, but Elder Parker is still cheesing it.  Elder Moon looks fine, though.
I also like this one.  Elder Moon was more hesitant than Elder Parker in front of the camera.
Elder Moon wondering why in the world he's wearing the stupid hat.
Good one of Elder Moon in his hat.
A different portrait.  He did what I asked, but I'm not sure I love it.  The eyes look nice, though.
Full Length Shot
Cheesy one of Elder Parker, but that's what he was going for!
There's a photographer I like who displays pictures side by side like this. Visit www.joanallenphotography.com for hers.  They're sweet.