BECAUSE MY MOM WANTS TO SEE ME SMILE                                                                                  
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My mom has always complained that I don't smile in my self-portraits.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  I think I look
kinda goofy when I smile in pictures, and using the timer on the camera, one never knows exactly when the camera is going to
take the shot, and smiles just turn out kinda funky.

Well, with my new remote control trigger for my camera, it makes it possible to take smiling pictures!  Mom will be so happy!  
So, when I got my paper the other day, I decided to try and take some for mom.  Mostly it was to make sure everything was set
up right for taking the pictures of
Chester the same night.  I also, however, wanted to show everyone my new shirt that I love
and that I got for 60% off.  Can't beat that bargain...

At the bottom of the page are a couple of extras.  One of some Black-eyed Susans that I took the other day, and a composite
picture of my daughter and me.  Basically outtakes from this shoot of me, and one of her from awhile back, but, well, you can
definitely tell she's my daughter in it!

PS I wasn't really planning on doing any floor shots, so the lighting is off on the ones of me sitting/lying on the floor.  Oh well.