SIGHTSEEING TRIP!!                                                                                                                               
St. Sophia's in all her glory.
St. Michael's and the statue to Khmelnitsky (the cossack leader of the uprising against the Poles).
The main spire of St. Sophia's.
St. Andrew's, I think.  I wasn't expecting this one to pop up, so I don't know what it's called for sure.
An old woman knitting, and selling the shawls she knits.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, i.e. State Dept. of Ukraine.
Holding the falcon.  Who knew Ukrainians were Air Force fans?
It's a wedding day tradition to take bridal pictures by all the sights in Kiev.  Here you see two brides, but there were at least five at St. Michael's.
St. Michael's.
A guy in folk dress, playing a folk instrument, singing a folk song, and sitting on a bright blue plastic thing...  We thought he was cool.
Back to Rypics
Well, we were brave and ventured out for a pretty long day sightseeing with our two little ones in tow.  They both did really well
on the trip.  It was awesome.  We saw some neat Orthodox churches, walked down a narrow cobblestone street where they
were selling souvenirs, ate at McDonald's, rode a tram up the mountain, and held a falcon.  All in all a wonderful day.

I took enough pictures of Audrey to make her own page, which you can see
here.  If you notice, Chester was in the front pack
all day.  That means that we can only see his arms and legs!